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Are you missing calls because you are working on a jobsite? Deciding whether to answer the phone or finish your job so you can get to the next? Can you really afford to miss those calls?

VOS can help! Our trained professional Customer Service Representative's (CSR's) will answer your calls, answer questions, and schedule appointments and estimates, all with an emphasis on booking you new appointments and/or jobs. Think of us as your virtual support team that can answer your customer's questions effectively and professionally.

Benefits to using VOS Customer Service Representatives (CSRs):VOS Call Center

  • Free yourself from the phone in order to concentrate on your business more.
  • Reduce your cost of having to hire & train someone “in-house”.
  • Feel secure in knowing we’re always on time & never call in sick.
  • Confident that your phone is being answered by a friendly professional.
  • Flexibility in working full or part time; after-hours availability.
  • Pay for scheduled appointments (no more wasting time with telemarketers).
  • Higher Customer Retention & Referrals.

VOS brings you the resources to effectively listen and respond to your customers allowing you to turn that attention into increased profit & sustainable growth. We enable thriving success in companies around the globe, and we can’t wait to count you among our loyal following!

If you are looking for a little freedom from your phones so you can focus on what you do best, give us a call at (866) 277-3851.

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